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Electric Submersible Pumps

Maximize production with diverse ESP solutions
Electric Submersible Pumps

Maximize production in any well or environment

From simplifying installation to meeting temperature and viscosity demands, Schlumberger has the right ESP for conventional, unconventional, high-temperature, intervention-constrained, and offshore requirements. Maximize production, increase run life, and ultimately reduce system life cycle costs with a selection of fit-for-purpose ESP systems.

Customize ESP well performance with local support

๐Ÿฅ€ Access to Schlumberger engineering expertise further optimizes ESP well performance. Conveniently located assembly, repair, and test (ART) centers provide quick delivery and assistance in all major basins. Artificial Lift Surveillance Centers (ALSCs) monitor alarms 24/7/365 for rapid diagnostics, recommendations, and troubleshooting.

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Electric Submersible Pump System

  • ESP Stages
    REDA ESP Pumps
    ESP pumping efficiency that lowers the cost of ownership

    Enhance pumping efficiency with pumps that perform in conventional, unconventional, and abrasive environments. View

  • AGH Gas Handling
    ESP Gas Devices
    Better overall lift efficiency in gassy environments

    Efficiently handle gas in wells with up to 75% gas volume fraction (GVF). View

  • ESP Motors
    Electric Submersible Pump Motors
    For oil and gas, geothermal, mining and industrial water applications

    Deliver reliable power and increase system run life with a motor that meets your specific application. View

  • REDA Hotline Advanced Motor Protector
    Motor Protectors
    Modular protectors for extended run life

    Stop well fluid from entering the motor with labyrinth, elastomer bag, or metal bellows oil reservoir chambers. View

  • REDA ESP Cables
    REDA ESP System Cables
    High-integrity power cables

    Choose customizable ESP cables for specific downhole conditions, including high-temperature, gassy, and corrosive wells. View

  • Phoenix XT150 Gauge
    Efficient monitoring of artificial lift performance

    Monitor downhole performance with diagnostics and analytics needed to protect your pumping system. View

  • Lift IQ Production Life Cycle Management Service
    ESP Software
    Various software solutions to improve flow

    Improve operational awareness of ESP system and design and quantify actions to increase flow rate. View

  • Electric Submersible Pump System
    Engineered Solutions
    ESP systems that perform in all environments

    Increase production with an ESP system fit for your specific application, including conventional and unconventional, extreme heat, and deep offshore wells. View

  • Dual ESP Systems
    Dual ESP Systems
    Improved performance of high-asset-value wells

    Enable cost-effective production to reduce workover costs and increase the overall profitability of the well. View

  • Y-Tool and Bypass ESP Systems
    Y-Tool and Bypass System
    Reservoir access below ESP and installation of dual ESPs

    Enable stimulation, logging, and other interventions without retrieving the completion. View

Optimizing Electric Submersible Pump Systems

  • Image of the PumpGuard intake sand control screen and valve assembly.
    Intake sand control screen and valve assembly

    Protect your ESPs, rod lift pumps, and gas lift completions from solids in production by cleaning fluid flow. View

  • Chemical management software
    Integrated chemical management system

    Removes administrative tasks from your team with chemical data management software. View

  • Abstract SLB key art of Production chemicals optimization on DELFI for ESP
    Production Chemicals Optimization on Delfi for ESPs
    Real-time monitoring, analysis, and autonomous chemical injection optimization

    Monitor at 1-minute frequency to optimize ESP corrosion protection and run-life extension. View

  • Man's hands on a computer interpreting data.
    Avalon Lift Surveillance
    Increase production uptime via timely autonomous actions based on intelligent insights.